Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The Extra on Friday! is where we take an opportunity to present some other entertainment news outside the world of comedy. We will be covering a lot of independent artists and productions in a variety of entertainment fields. Today we’re talking funk, ghosts, hip hop and caviar. Hip Hop veteran, Funkghost released a single from his forthcoming album, ‘Caviar Taste’ and claims to have what you need. The single is titled, What You Need (I Got it). Click the link in the title and check it out on Soundcloud. Funkghost, What You Need (I Got It) Funkghost, What You Need (I Got It) The rapper/producer lays down some very radio-friendly tracks with producer Scott Supreme. The best way to describe this particular song by Funkghost is… it’s great sex music. Bottomline, this would be on your sex music playlist. The album is slated for release in late July by Grand Extravagant Entertainment and available on itunes. With an eclectic style developed over the years, the auditory offerings by this artist goes beyond the single. This laid-back groove is in complete contradiction to some of his hardcore, banging beats and authoritative rap delivery found on other tracks. 'Caviar Taste' LP cover ‘Caviar Taste’ LP cover Check out more FUNKGHOST here. What you need? THE EXTRA ON FRIDAY! HIP HOP GETS ‘CAVIAR TASTE’ ON NEW FUNKGHOST ALBUM

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Villanz "All Is Fair" Produced by Funkghost

One of my Personal Favs off "The Neighboorhood Heroes" by The Villanz

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Look Back In Time...

It's 2014...To date, I have been doing Music for over 20 years. I have not had much financial success from it, but a treasure trove of Dope, Timeless music AND GREAT MEMORIES! I have been blessed more than most people and for that, I'm thankful. Sometimes to move forward you have to look back. Also, I want my daughter Lilani to be able to re-discover her father's music 20 years from now. Here is a joint from my 1st group "Black Saturday" ( later to be called Tap, Ghost &Phobia ) circa 1992-1993 Called "Chrome ya Dome". Shout out to Phobi-1 ( aka T-Chill ) and Spinal Tap ( aka G-nut ) MY BROTHERS FOR LIFE!

The Grand Extravagant Funkghost

Tap, Ghost And Phobia - Chrome Ya Dome (1993)

Happy New Year!!!! 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!!