Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Mentor ... "Edwin Birdsong"

Alot of people dont know this but, In the early 1990's Edwin Birdsong served as one of my first mentors in the studio. Although the time i spent with him was brief, I was able to soak up alot of knowledge from this man in the art of music production and song composition. It's funny cause at the time Edwin's star had long since faded in the industry and I really didn't fully appreciate the jewels bieng dropped on me until i got much older. I knew he had collaborated wth Roy Ayers and was a bit awe struck at the time especially finding out he wrote and co-produced the classic Roy Ayers Disco era hit "Runing Away" sampled by Tribe Called quest on "Peoples Instictive Travels and the paths of rhythm" but bieng young and bullheaded we soon parted ways and i have not seen him in person since. Edwin Birdsong never achieved chart success, but developed a strong fan base, and has also been sampled by other artists many times, including Daft Punk who sampled "Cola Bottle Baby" in "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", De La Soul and Gang Starr who sampled his single "Rapper Dapper Snapper" for their songs "Me, Myself and I and "Skillz". Edwin, if your out there and you stumble across this post...THANK YOU!!!!!

The Often Sampled "Rapper Dapper Snapper", From His 1981 Album, "Funtaztik"

My Personal Favorite Edwin Birdsong composition "Roy Ayers - Running Away (12 inch long version)"


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