Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deep Productions... Major International Sound

Producer/Engineeer Bryan Tyson CEO and Founder of Deep Productions, has seen his career on a path that's steadily on the rise. B Tyson's Deep Productions Studios has become the Premier Proffesional Recording studio in Tampa Florida. Atlantic Recording Artist Plies calls Deep Productions home... Many Hits you hear on the Radio today across the continental United States have been mixed, tweaked, and perfected by none other than Bryan Tyson. As a Producer, he produced 5 tracks on Plies's Gold Selling LP " Definition of Real " and
Countless artist hailing from Tampa, Including myself, call Deep Productions home or have passed through thier doors, looking for " That Sound "... B. Tyson, along with his partner in crime Artist/Producer/Engineer Skill Collins a.k.a C-Skillz from local Duo C skills and Prolific have set the bar in sound quality and Professionalism.
For more info on Deep Productions click on " Deep Productions... Major International Sound " located above.

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