Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Yet another day on the grind... I just completed doing an Interview with my man
Jay Creekmur at and two of the questions he asked really made me
get introspective... my man asked me " What struggles did i encounter with the industry
before i decided to go the independent route" and the other one was " What are the advantages of bieng an independent" first i was going to call out everybody!
from Radio Stations to Clueless A&Rs ...but then i thought to myself and i responded with " The
Problem was not with the Industry...but with Me... The industry is always going to be the
Industry... The business of making money...period.. Guys like me are the industry...
The minute i took matters into my own hands and Started Grand Extravagant Ent. Things
started falling into place...create your own lane in this crazy biz people!...fuck the free world!!!
Speaking of creating your own lane...did you see Kanye's performance on storytellers?
This guy is proving to be one of this generation greatest performers... Amazing!!!... I posted
a link yesterday so you guys can peep it if you missed it...
My man Imfamous was telling me about this dude named Matthew Cox He was an artist,
and also an aspiring author, wrote an unpublished manuscript entitled "The Associates". In the manuscript the main character, which was most likely based upon himself, travelled the country committing mortgage fraud. Cox was apprehended by authorities on November 16, 2006. Indicted on 42 counts, with prison sentences of potentially 400 years if convicted, Cox plea bargained his sentence down to a maximum of 54 years on April 11, 2007. He is currently serving a 26 year sentence in a Minimum Security Prison.
The Crazy Part is.... homeboy was from Tampa.... Go Figure ....
until the next time...
Funk McLuvin

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