Sunday, March 1, 2009

Speaking of Art...

Alot of people have been asking me " Yo Funk, who's been doing your artwork?, you
know... the one with the cartoon face? Well... the man behind the very unique and
very life like images goes by the name of Noble. I first came across Noble's Work
when a few years back he started designing a string of album and mixtape covers for
his long time collaborator laws. Noble, a Florida Native raised in the Tampa Bay suburb
of Spring Hill currently resides in Chicago IL. He is a self taught Vector artist who's
program of choice is the Adobe Illustrator.

Noble belongs to the "Music Lovers" Coalition operated by Kfied, which is based out of
Finland . Some of his frequent collaborators include the talented photoshop artist
Hard Target, and music video director/MC/producer Distrakt who is based out
of Colorado Springs CO.
The Company Noble owns and operates is called the Noble Design Group...

for serious inquiries contact him @
prices vary depending on the project...

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