Thursday, March 26, 2009

TIMBALAND SUING HIS OWN RECORD LABEL: Producer goes after Blackground Records for trying to ruin his reputation.

*Producer-rapper Timbaland has filed a lawsuit with the Federal District court against his label Blackground Records claiming they tried to trash his good name throughout the music industry.

The artist wants out of his contract and is seeking compensation for damages, according to TMZ.

The lawsuit claims that Blackground, founded in 1993 by Barry Hankerson, contacted various labels in an attempt to talk them out of hiring Timbaland as a producer. He claims the record company became jealous of his rising fame and "went on a McCarthy-esque search-and-destroy campaign, contacting various record labels and giving them a million reasons why they shouldn't hire Timbaland to produce songs," TMZ reported.

Timbaland, whose real name is Timothy Mosley, also claims in the lawsuit Blackground owes him lots of money.

via TMZ

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