Monday, April 13, 2009

CALIF. TAX MAN AFTER WARWICK, SINBAD: Pair owes nearly $5 million between them; they're among state's biggest offenders.

*Singer Dionne Warwick and comedian Sinbad Adkins are being called out by the State of California for owing nearly $5 million in collective unpaid taxes, according to a report issued Thursday by the Franchise Tax Board.

Sinbad owes $2.5 million in personal income tax while Warwick owes $2.2 million, putting them in the top 10 of the state's 250 worst tax debtors, reports the Associated Press.

Offenders may remove their name from the site's hall of shame by either paying in full, or setting up an installment plan.

Warwick's spokesman, Kevin Sasaki, says the singer has been working with the board to pay her outstanding taxes. He did not know how much money had been repaid. A spokeswoman for Sinbad declined to comment.

PS: Funk McLuvin Says..."Pay Your Taxes People"

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