Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FOX REFUSES TO AIR OBAMA PRESS CONFERENCE: President to address first 100 days Wednesday night on all broadcast channels – except for one.

(April 28, 2009)

Guess which network has decided not to air President Obama's prime time address tomorrow night? And the news-less CW doesn't count.

While ABC, NBC and CBS are giving up precious sweeps month real estate for the president's press conference marking his first 100 days, Fox announced Monday that it will instead stick to its regular programming – an episode of "Lie to Me."

The network, known for its conservative news slant, is the lone broadcast channel that turned down President Obama's request for the time.

Tomorrow night's speech will be the third prime time news conference in Obama's 100-day presidency. It also marks the first time a broadcast network has refused his request.

McLuvin Says: "Yo...What the fuck is this??? Jim Crow T.V.? He is the fucking president and can't get aired on Fox news??? Something is very wrong here.

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