Saturday, April 11, 2009

Video: Juelz Reiterates Cam’s No Dipset Reunion Statement

via MTV News

No reunion with Cam seems just fine with Juelz Santana. On the Manhattan set of the Skull Gang video for “I Am the Club,” Santana said Cam’s revelation was a relief.

“I’m just glad that people get to see the type of person he really is,” Juelz said. “Once again, he said a lot of things about Jim — [talking to] him, which I don’t really know about. We all had separate relationships at the end of the day. [Cam] has yet to tell people what Juelz did. You dig what I’m saying? Let’s be serious. At the end of the day, [Cam] can’t look in the mirror when it comes to me. He knows how loyal I was to him,” Santana continued. “He knows how much of a brother I was to him.”

According to Juelz, Cam’s declaration of not wanting to record with him and Jim Jones makes it easier to explain to the fans.

“It kind of makes me feel good, ’cause it lets the people know you don’t have to ask me that [reunion] question. He’s telling y’all. ‘No matter what the fans want, I’m not doing it.’ It takes a load off my back. Cam gave y’all the answer. He’s the boss. He’s always been the boss. I never tried to take that way from him. It is what it is. I’m moving forward. We all got kids. I got family, my peoples got families. We’re moving forward.”

Just like Cam is focusing on making music on the solo side and with his new crew, the U.N., Juelz wants his own group of artists to blow up. He recently secured an album deal for the Skull Gang, and their self-titled LP is due out May 5.


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