Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slopfunkdust - Underground's Ultimate Insider

What can i say about this guy? I first met a young Slop Back in 1995...He was fresh out of Highschool and was already becoming a beast on the ASR - 10. Making dope beats and DJ'ing has always been his passion. Also known as T. the Beat Specialist,
this Tampa, Florida/Phoenix Arizona-based producer/DJ is Also Co-Founder of the Beat Fanatic Music Group. This month Coalmine records released Heltah Skeltah - Midnight Madness Remix EP Featuring Slopfunkdust's Production. He has also been instrumental in Popularizing Beat Scociety, A forum where Top - Flight Producers such as Nottz, Just Blaze, Illmind ect. showcase thier production talents live on stage. As a DJ he has traveled all over the globe bringing hip-hop to places as far as Poland. Below you can check out Slop @ Beat Society held at The Knitting Factory in NYC a few years Back. To hear, Heltah Skeltah + SlopFunkDust = Midnight Madness Remix, Click on "Slopfunkdust - Underground's Ultimate Insider" Located above.

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  1. WordBoogie! It's My ShuffleSwing Beat Mentors Beat Mentor posting up Classic T. Being T. Videos! hahah

    Man, I cant Wait for the Day I can Purchase A Damn "SlopFunkDust" Album!

    For now I'll have to just Settle for Throwback Beats on Various CDR's!!