Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celph Titled... Underground King

If you were not aware....Celph Titled is that dude!!! I first met a young Celph in 1998 while performing in and around Tampa's Ybor City underground circuit. Within a few brief years, Celph had packed up, Moved to New York City, and built up a heavy following Overseas and the entire Northeast of the United States... as a Producer, MC, And Executive Producer. Celph's first two official records came out in late 1998 on his own imprint, Atomik Recordings. One of which was with his group, Equilibrium, which consisted of two other Floridian emcees - Dutchmassive & Majik Most, as well as veteran DJ - Kramtronix. Celph Titled is actually the man who Executive Produced my first 12" single back in the year 2000.

Celph Titled, born and raised in Tampa and once an NYC resident for many years, has
Gained worldwide notoriety for his Dusted Beats and famous punchline-filled cameos. He has been featured on recordings with the likes of Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park / Fort Minor), Juelz Santana, Redman, Fabolous, Jedi Mind Tricks, and longtime collaborator Atlantic Recording artist Apathy.

Celph Titled has single-handedly dominated a lane in the underground hip hop world. Just a glance at www.discogs.com while searching Celph Titled's name will give you an idea of just how many pieces of wax are out there that this man had something to do with. Impressive to say the least.

In late 2006, Celph Titled released a one-of-a-kind compilation entitled "The Gatalog". The impressive limited edition quadruple disc (4xCD) set was history in the making as Celph Titled hits you with a full 75 total songs.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Celph last weekend and he informed me that he has new material he plans on unleashing real soon...

To purchase "The Gatalog", Click on " Celph Titled...Underground King " above...
or type in browser - www.myspace.com/celphtitled
there's paypal links to buy the physical cd and there's also an itunes icon to get it digitally on there.

Funk McLuvin...Signing Off!!!

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