Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fresh Gear...Surgical Strike By Dr. Romanelli

A clothing line called ‘Surgical Strike,’ and it’s from a ‘DR. Romanelli.’ Yep! Darren ‘DR Romanelli’ released new clothes from his line Surgical Strike last week at Tokyo’s visionary SOPHNET. You would think Surgical Strike is a new clothing line for Doctors and Nurses, featuring loose fitting scrubs, white lab coats, and all over print shirts with themes like (huggs and kisses, cuddly and snuggly, get well soon winnie the pooh, care bear….) and plain white croc shoes. Instead Surgical Strike features vintage military garments reconstructed with new premium leather. The line also exhibits plenty of details, aviation themes, and well toned color schemes.

I guess thats what you get from a designer named DR. Also this fall be on the look out for a collaboration between Dr. Romanelli and Skate affiliate, designer, and Hip Hop artist, Lupe Fiasco (who happens to be modelling Romanelli’s Surgical Strike)

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