Sunday, March 15, 2009

Funkghost & S1 write up on

Back in 2007, Myself, along with 10 other finalist were selected to participate in the Sha Money XL/G-unit sponsored One Stop Shop Beat Battle held in Phoenix Arizona. The Prize???, a Management contract with Sha Money and once of a lifetime opportunity to break in the Music Biz. I did not take home the crown, But I did manage to forge good relationships with Top flight Industry Producers ( S1 of Strange Fruit, Hi-Tek,Dj Premier, Alchemist to name a few... ) and Inside Music Biz Movers and Shakers... Co-Ceo's And Founders of iStandard J Hatch and Don Di Napoli are just those type of Movers and Shakers. iStandard along with Sha Money created The One Stop Shop Confrence. Since then, It has become the single most important convention for producers in the Rap/hip-hop/R&B genres. iStandard has become a powerful entity in the production realm of the Music Buisness. They Broker deals with the heavy wheights in the Music biz, Provide opportnities for up and coming Producers through showcases and beat battles with celebirty judges all over the United States, Panel discussions with guys like Zach Katz, Manager of super producer J.R. Rotem. I reached out to Don Di Napoli by phone last week and told him about my upcoming Album, The Video and Collab with my istandard Alumni S1 of Strange fruit Project...and they did a small feature on the iStandard website. I will be doing a full length interview with the two Masterminds for in the next couple weeks to go more in depth about what they provide to the Music Buisness... to see the write up they did for us, click on:
"Funkghost & S1 write up on" located above...

McLuvin is Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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