Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unsung Heroes Vol. 1...Hitman Howie Tee

Alot people don't know this but... Funk McLuvin has been a member of the Wikipedia society since 06'... I have created about 5 articles ...all Music based of course and... for people i feel deserve to be remembered for thier works...here is one of them...

Hitman Howie Tee (born Howard Thompson) is an English-born hip-hop DJ and producer of West Indian origin but raised in Brooklyn NY. Howie Tee is best known for his work with U.T.F.O, Chubb Rock, Special Ed and The Real Roxanne.

Howie along with Kangol Kid of U.T.F.O formed the short lived group Whistle, best known for the song "Nothing Serious (Just Buggin)". He then became the in-house producer for New Jersey based independent label Select Records." I Got It Made" By Special Ed and "Treat em' Right" by Chubb Rock were produced by Hitman Howie Tee. In 1991 he mixed and co-produced the Billboard #1 "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd.

McLuvin is Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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