Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SWIZZ BEATZ AND 'HEN ROCK' LAUNCH NEW DRINK: Hennessy taps rapper to promote limited line of cognac.

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*Rapper/producer Swizz Beatz and Hennessy V.S. are teaming to launch a new, limited line of cognac, called Hennessy Black.

The artist will perform an original song, "When I Step Into the Club," alongside the JabbaWockeez of "America's Best Dance Crew" during a launch event in New York on May 5, reports Billboard.com. An accompanying video by director Hype Williams will be revealed as well.

"Beatz is a long-time fan of the brand and approached us looking for ways we could work together. Since this product is all about having fun in the club, he suggested collaborating on a track that would be a hot dance song in the clubs," Andy Glaser, senior VP of Hennessy Business, tells Billboard.

Hennessy will launch a dance contest titled "Up/Down" on their YouTube channel, where consumers will be able to create and post their own "Up/Down" dance for a chance to be flown to LA, where Williams will film and cut them into a new version of the video to "When I Step In the Club."

Hennessy Black, the company's first major launch since 1961, will be available in 10 markets throughout the U.S. including Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, New York City, Ohio, Washington DC and Massachusetts.

The company hopes the new drink - which has a blend of Jasmine, daffodils and orange flowers mixed with citrus, honey and grapes - will take the Hennessy brand beyond the cognac category to the premium mixed spirits.

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